Crescent Limited: 1926 | Shorpy Historical Photo Archive
Alexandria, Virginia, circa 1926. “American Locomotive Co. — Southern R.R. Crescent Limited 1396.”

So, american has already developed train since 12th centuries, why now they lose from others (tech side). others has developed bullet train


Moto Guzzi Corsa Series

Nice Classic

CB360 Green Cafe Tracker

Classic: Honda Nanahan CB750

Classic: Successor of Honda GP, CB450


Tips: How to tidy up the wires

When I want to ride a bike



From the bike, passenger and everything……………………….


New Full Scale Electric Tron Lightcycle Parker Brothers Choppers 

Honda GL100 Mixed-Up Modification

'82 Honda GL100 Mixed-Up Modification

omg why i miss this vid..hilarious


Darth Vader + Batman = Darthman? BatVader?
BatVader’s all “come at me bro!” ‘cause his parents were brutally murdered before his eyes, so he became a Sith and blew the shit out of Alderaan. Then some other rad shit happened, but decades later, the director decided to make it all less rad for the Blu-ray edition.
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OMG, love this…4 cyl inline


pretty cool, for a harley



moto guzzi otto cillindri

always love moto guzzi

Yamaha 250 Scorpio Oldies/Street Tracker Style

Yamaha Scorpio 250 street tracker

Yamaha 250 Scorpio Long Distance Use, Oldies/Street Tracker Style